8 Essential Anolon Pots and Pans to Take on Any Meal

From an always-reliable nonstick skillet to a versatile, multi-purpose stockpot, these are the eight cookware essentials all home cooks should have on hand and how to use them.

September 2, 2020

Anolon Essential Pots And Pans To Take On Any Meal

1.   A Large Nonstick Skillet

An everyday essential perfect for eggs, seafood, stir-fry, and more. With a great nonstick you’ll use less oil and spend a fraction of the time on cleanup. Welcome to your new favorite pan. Built for long-lasting performance and convenience, this super tough, super slick nonstick skillet heats quickly and evenly. Infinity Slide nonstick lasts 16x longer than traditional nonstick and 80X longer than typical ceramic cookware for a frying pan that keeps on cooking and looking like new.

2.   A Trusted Dutch Oven

One of the heaviest pans in your arsenal, but ideal for locking in flavor and moisture, especially for dishes that start on the stove and finish in the oven. Superior cast iron heat absorption and retention with distinctive stovetop-to-oven-to-table style and performance. Black matte enamel interior provides beautiful searing, browning and cooking with easy cleaning, and self-basting lid sports an elegant stainless steel handle. Broiler safe.

3.   A Convenient Straining Saucepan

Perfect pastas, potatoes, and prawns — every kitchen should have a saucepan with a built-in strainer and pour spouts, especially since that means one less dish for your sink. Double full cap base with copper core and smooth flat rivet cooking surface with premium-quality triple-layer nonstick for unmatched food release and cleanup.

4.   A Straight-Sided Sauté

Your go-to for one-pan meals with minimal cleanup thanks for premium nonstick. Plus, the wide, flat bottom of this pan goes hand-in-hand with better browning thanks to its large surface area. Not to mention a tight-fitting glass lid for all of your favorite braises, stews, sauces and more.

5.   A Can-Do-It-All Roaster

Not just for turkey, this surprisingly versatile pan is excellent for roasting large cuts of meat including brisket and pork loin, and its nonstick rack makes cleanup surprisingly simple. Durable three-ply construction features an aluminum core between layers of stainless steel for excellent, efficient heat distribution. Comfortable, stylish pan handles are dual riveted for strength, and both roaster and rack are dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup. Oven safe to 500°F.

6.   An Any-Season Stovetop Grill

Great grilling year round starts with a pan that can not only handle the heat, but make for effortless cleanup of notoriously stubborn charred bits. Hard-anodized aluminum durability and even heating meets Infinity Slide nonstick that keeps cooking and looking like new, even with daily use.

7.   A Reliable Cast Iron Skillet

Not only known for its good looks and long-lasting durability, a good cast iron skillet will come in handy for searing, sauteing, and even baking. It also makes for an excellent serving vessel. Powerful but elegant skillet features a black matte enamel interior for beautiful browning, serious searing, and all around great cooking with easy cleanup. Broiler safe with an integrated side handle that provides ample room for potholder grip.

8.   A Multi-Function Stockpot

A must for cooking large quantities, this versatile, wide stockpot changes the game thanks to a steamer insert designed for a full-range of home-cooked meals. Love your lobster, put some variety in your veggies, or go to town on tamales. Premium Infinity Slide nonstick, SureGrip handles, and measuring marks on the stockpot make everyday cooking more enjoyable. Bonus, the stockpot and multipurpose steamer insert are oven safe

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From an always-reliable nonstick skillet to a versatile, multi-purpose stockpot, these are these eight cookware essentials all home cooks should have on hand and how to use them. Enter daily for a chance to win your favorite!