Welcome to Your New Favorite Pans.

Welcome to Your New Favorite Pan.

Lasts 16x longer than traditional nonstick

Even heating without the hot spots that burn foods

Finest craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty

Anolon Accolade is constructed with patented Precision Forge® technology for thick bases, thin walls, and ultra-tough rims that provide incomparably fast and even heating.
Cooks like cast iron, cleans like nonstick.

Welcome to Your New Favorite Pan.

Lasts 16x longer than traditional nonstick

Even heating without the hot spots that burn foods

Finest craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty

Sear and Sizzle with Frying Pans Crafted for the Gourmet Kitchen

Advanced 10" & 12.75" Frying Pan Set

Built for long-lasting performance and convenience, this super tough, super slick nonstick skillet heats quickly and evenly. Infinity Slide nonstick lasts 16x longer than traditional nonstick and 80x longer than typical ceramic cookware for a frying pan that keeps on cooking and looking like new.

Set includes:

10" frying pan (9" base diameter)

12.75" frying pan (11" base diameter)


Triple-layer Infinity Slide™ nonstick

Oven safe to 400° F

Twice as hard as stainless steel

PFOA free

High-quality thermal performance

Only $69.99

Hurry! This set is selling out quickly – limited quantity remaining.

The Everything Pans for Do-anything Performance

Practical, High-Quality Combo

Five Star Review

"I cook a lot and appreciate nice cookware. This combo is really affordable for the quality you're getting. I like the light brown color even more than I thought I would. The surface coating seems durable and it's as non stick as some of the very high end stuff I own. Handles are very comfortable and the construction as a whole feels sturdy. These are the two skillets I'll be using day to day moving forward."

— Cookin Kev

The Last Pans You'll Buy

Five Star Review

"This is the new gold standard of performance. I am so impressed by the design and workmanship of these skillets. As a professional chef, I used to buy pans that are much more expensive, and yet these are better."

– Jamie

Built with a durable hard-anodized aluminum construction that's twice as strong as stainless steel. Our pans last 16x longer than traditional nonstick cookware and 80x longer than typical ceramic cookware.

A Professional, Gourmet Brand

Five Star Review

"I am very impressed by these pans! I've been using them daily! They are non stick, super easy to clean, and extremely durable!"

— Maggie

The signature feature of our Anolon line is the nonstick exterior as well as interior. This makes these pans amazingly easy to clean, and keeps them looking beautiful and new.

Lifetime Warranty

We believe cookware of the finest craftsmanship should be backed by a warranty to match. That’s why we stand by our cookware for life.

If you’re dissatisfied with the performance of your Anolon pots and pans, simply contact us for warranty support. At Anolon, we promise that excellence in cookware and in customer satisfaction always go hand-in-hand.




Seeing is believing with Anolon Accolade. This specially designed cookware collection is engineered with an edge-to-edge, triple-clad stainless steel base that delivers fast, even heating - 4X faster than cast iron, with no hot spots. Get the ultimate sear of a cast iron pan, without the wait, or the weight!


Anolon Precision Forge is designed for durability all the way down to the premium, PFOA-free nonstick. Three layers of sapphire-reinforced nonstick on the frying pan deliver one of the smoothest cooking surfaces you’ll ever cook on. And because the nonstick is reinforced with sapphire, it stands up to the busiest modern kitchens and won’t scratch or wear off after the first month or two of use.

Plus, premium nonstick on the inside and outside of these frying pans makes cleanup a breeze, just wipe and toss into the dishwasher.


Precision Forge frying pans by Anolon are made for performance that lasts and effortless, everyday cooking. These versatile nonstick frying pans boast a flush rivet, Unity Surface™ for smooth pan walls that won’t have your delicate chocolate ganache or a cheddar cilantro sticking to rivet ends. Joyful cooking and effortless cleaning. Nice.


Upgrading to an induction stove? Anolon Precision Forge has you covered with a stainless steel magnetic base ideal for induction cooking. On regular stovetops, the base provides enhanced durability and the heft and even heat for a great sear.

"The best Skillet I have ever owned!...

These skillets are super heavy duty. They will never warp like some of the other skillets I have purchased. The non stick is truly non stick. I use these daily for just about anything from eggs to chicken and everything in between."

-- Heather

"Great product!...

High quality. Even cooking. Easy to clean. I have tried several brands before. This tops them all."

-- Christie

"This product delivers like a 5 star Chef!!!!...

I have only been using this skillet set for a week and I've never felt more inspired in my kitchen. Food doesn't stick, nor burn easily and it cooks so evenly ! I want to cook ALL my meals on this small perfection of a skillet."

-- Jamie, the cook to be

A Professional Gourmet Brand, Beloved by Chefs Around the Globe

A Professional Gourmet Brand, Beloved By Chefs Around The Globe


"Hands down, these skillets are awesome. The color is a beautiful brown, with a hint of bronze. I tested the 10-inch skillet, by making pancakes. The skillet cooked evenly and the nonstick coating worked great. I did not have to add any oil to the skillet to make sure the pancakes did not stick. The 12-inch sized skillet is a perfectly sized, larger pan. It worked perfectly to make stir fry, sauté chicken and cook hamburgers. I plan to buy the rest of the pots and pans, in this style. I would not hesitate to recommend this product."

— Jessica

Advanced 10" & 12.75" Frying Pan Set

Steadfast: Sturdy, hard-anodized durability matched with steady, even heat distribution. Pro-grade construction for demanding home chefs.

Exceptional: Triple-layer, sapphire-reinforced nonstick delivers healthy cooking and high performance, even when using metal utensils.

Delightful: Versatile, high-quality nonstick pots and pans for creating an endless variety of gourmet meals at home for special occasions and everyday.

Adaptable: Move easily from stove to oven to serve. SureGrip® handles give maximum comfort and control and lids seal tight to lock in heat and flavor.

Only $69.99

Only $69.99

Hurry! This set is selling out quickly – limited quantity remaining.

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Does nonstick product need to be seasoned?

It is not necessary to season your nonstick product. We do, however, recommend washing your nonstick product in warm soapy water, rinsing, then drying completely before first use to remove any packaging dust that may have accumulated on the product. Nonstick is not recommended for dishwasher use.

Can I use these on an induction or glass-top stove?

Always follow your stovetop manufacturer's instructions for correct stovetop use and specific cookware restrictions. Recommended for us on glass/ceramic cooktops, not made for induction cooktops. For optimum performance, use low to medium heat.

Can I finish steaks in the oven with these pans?

Yes, these pans are oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are these PFOA free?

We only use super durable nonstick coatings that are PFOA free and toxin free. The coating is metal utensil safe but we recommend using wood, nylon, or plastic utensils to keep your cookware looking as beautiful as possible, for as long as possible.

Build Your Own Set

A Professional Gourmet Brand, Beloved By Chefs Around The Globe


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